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Marvin Williams Sr.'s book centers on his life around the game of basketball whether in North Carolina or in Bremerton

By George Edgar
For West Sound SportsPlus

It started out as a journal about his life, playing basketball, and what he went through growing up.

Now, it’s a book not only about basketball, but also life.

“Secondary Break: An NBA Dad’s Story,” written by Marvin Williams, Sr., the father of Bremerton High and NBA star Marvin Williams, chronicles his life growing up in the South, coming to Bremerton, and being the coach and father of Marvin Williams, Jr.

Published by Fulton Books, “Secondary Break” – the title came from a basketball terminology used by North Carolina coach Roy Williams – came out last month in bookstores, and can be found also in Kindle E-editions.

In the book, Williams talks about life growing up in the South in the 1960’s, after coming from New York, enlisting in the U.S. Navy, finding his way to Bremerton, and becoming the father and coach of his son, now in the NBA with the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks are currently in the NBA playoffs, in the bubble of Orlando, Florida, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Williams Sr. is currently in Charlotte, North Carolina, keeping track of the Bucks’ playoff progress.

“I had to take a look at my life,” Williams said. “I had a journal of my life and I see where I am now. I wanted to inspire people and have them see the situations I was in,” he said. “I’m hoping to inspire them.”

The idea for a book came about from Lisa Robinson and Darrell Phils, friends of Williams who attend Emmanuel Apostolic Church in Bremerton.

“I’m a writer, and I wanted to talk about my life,” Williams said. “I wrote down what I could remember. I contacted a publisher, and they did the editing.”

Williams’ life has mostly been about basketball, which the book centers upon. When he lived in Wallace, North Carolina, he would go to the park and play against a kid named Michael Jordan, whose grandmother lived in town. Kenny Gattis, another future NBA player, would also be in those pickup games.

“He would come up each weekend, and we’d play pickup games in the park,” Williams recalled.

His son, Marvin Jr., does not get mentioned until the latter stages of the book, when he began to coach his son in AAU and watch him play at Bremerton High School.

Feedback has been positive from the friends of Williams Jr. in Bremerton, as they have posted their own reviews and thoughts on the book on Facebook.

“They’ve loved it,” Williams Sr. said.

The book is important now, with all the racial issues going on in the country right now concerning police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement, something that Williams’ Sr., knows all about from the 1960’s.

“With the racial issues happening,” he said. “I’ve had issues with this in the past and the present, growing up in the South. I hope it resonates with all of them, and makes them realize we are going through the same thing.”

Secondary Break can be purchased at bookstores or online at Apple iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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