ACC Journal review reveals decades-old studies of saturated fats are not related to heart disease

But just like the Sidney study, the group that had its saturated fats replaced with vegetable oils saw a significant increase in cholesterol. There is no evidence to support the use of oils versus animal fats to lower the risk of heart disease, the study said.

Finally, the ‘Corn Oil in Treatment of Ishaemic Heart Disease’ G.A. Rose, W.B. Thomson, R.T. Williams, was published in the BMJ in 1965. The aim was to “study the effects of prescribing a vegetable oil and a restricted fat diet to patients with ischaemic heart disease,” Rose, Thomson, Williams wrote. The trial was limited to three groups, one that was given a more highly unsaturated oil (corn) and restricted animal fat, a second given a saturated fat (olive) oil and restricted animal fat and the third no change was made in their diet.

The conclusion?

The control group that was given corn oil fared much worse than the other groups. Two years from the start of the treatment, a heart attack or death occurred in one-quarter of the corn-oil controlled group.

“It is concluded that under the circumstances of this trial, corn oil cannot be recommended as a treatment of ischeamic heart disease. It is most unlikely to be beneficial and it is possibly harmful,” Rose,, stated in the study’s conclusion.

At the end of the two-year trial, the percentage of patients remaining alive and free of reinfarction (fatal and non-fatal) were 75 percent from the olive oil group, 57 percent from the no-change group and 52 percent from the corn-oil group.


Dr. Ken Berry, family physician Saturated Fats: Q & A

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