The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association seeking fans, student opinions in a survey regarding changes to the state basketball tournament

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association is seeking input on the state basketball tournament, which could wind up looking much different next year.

The current format utilizes a 16-team regional where teams play at area high schools around the state. The final 12 teams then move on to play in their respective state tournaments in Tacoma, Spokane and Yakima.

Attendance has been steadily declining and the WIAA Executive Board tasked the WIAA State Basketball committee with several objectives including; 

Create a more intriguing state tournament by combining certain classifications at the same site

  • Reduce overlap of winter and spring sports
  • Reduce fatigue of players who play the entire tournament
  • Reduce expenses for member schools, spectators and the association
  • Stabilize and increase the revenue of the WIAA

The committee must also;

Examine and propose any basketball tournament improvement to player, student, coach and fan experience for each classification

  • Examine and propose best basketball tournament for each classification
  • Propose recommended changes, if any, will be made to the executive board for final evaluationĀ 

The committee is asking for a fans and students to vote in their survey which outlines two options for a Super Regional. Option 1 allows 16 to 20 teams, for boys and girls, to qualify through their district tournaments. The seeding committee will seed the teams prior to the first week with no reseeding after the rounds.

Rounds one and two will be single elimination, the higher seeded-team will host at the closest local site and winners move on to round two. The final four teams for each class will move on to the final site after round two, semifinals will be played on Friday and championship game played on Saturday. The losers of the semifinals will be awarded third-place trophies.

Option 2 is the same except in the Super Regional, the winners will move to round two, also single elimination, will be played over three days.

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