Emma Brundige, a three-year state track and field medalist, will compete at Western Washington next year

Emma Brundige

School: Bainbridge

Sport(s): track and field, cross country, soccer

Highlights: Brundige is a three-year state participant who made the podium in the 100 400 and 4×400. She is the school record-holder in the 100 and 200.

Nominated by: Andy Grimm, Bainbridge track and field coach

WSSP: What did you enjoy most about being a student-athlete at Bainbridge?

Emma Brundige was a three-sport athlete at Bainbridge and holds the school record in the 100 and 200-meter run for the Spartans. (Contributed photo)

Brundige:¬†What I enjoyed most about being a student-athlete at Bainbridge was my teammates and my teachers. My teammates are some of my closest friends and make all of the workouts a blast and it’s always fun to train with a friend. I met some of my best friends through track at the high school and I can’t imagine not being on a team with them anymore. We would have traditions before state, and the weeks leading up to it were some of my favorite practices. My teachers helped a lot. They were always willing to help out if I had to miss a lecture due to a meet or would go over the classwork and homework with me before I left to make sure I would be as prepared as possible. Shout out to my AmStud (American Studies) teachers! Overall, the Bainbridge Athletic department¬†was really well run by administrators and coaches. It made being a student-athlete for the school really easy and stress-free.

WSSP: What are your plans after graduation?

Brundige: My plans for next year are to attend Western Washington University. I will be pursuing a degree in history where I will go on to become a high school history teacher. While I am there, I will be running and juping for the track and field team. I would love to either move back to the area and teach, or move to the east coast to be near extended family and teach. Go Viks!

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