Jay Lollman qualified for the 3A state track and field championships in 2019, but gave his spot to teammate Joey Tabisola, a then-senior

Jay Lollman

High School: Bainbridge

Sports: Track and field, football, wrestling

Highlights: Lollman competed in track and field specifically the shot put, discus and javelin, as well as football and wrestling as a three-sport athlete for the Spartans. Lollman qualified for the 3A state track and field championships last season as a junior with a throw of 152 feet, six inches, but gave his spot to teammate Joey Tabisola, a then-senior, who had finished behind Lollman in the district meet.

Nominated by: Andy Grimm, Bainbridge track and field coach

Jay Lollman, Bainbridge High School

WSSP: Why did you give up your spot to your teammate and a chance to compete in the javelin at the 3A state meet in 2019?

Lollman: I gave up my spot to Joey Tabisola because even though he was only one grade above me, he had taught me everything I knew about throwing javelin, and especially in that year had helped me tremendously. Throughout his entire high school career he was always one spot below qualifying and when I realized that I had put him back into that same situation in his senior year, I felt compelled to make his senior year as good as it could be and gave up my spot so that he could finally go to state.

WSSP: What are your fondest memories of being a student-athlete at Bainbridge?

Lollman: My fondest memories of sports were definitely the ones with Sean Lafer, Maddie Swietlik and Joey (Tabisola) just practicing at Bainbridge High School. Even though I’ve done a number of sports (karate, wrestling and football), I’ve never felt more at home and comfortable than with those people just practicing and competing against each other.

WSSP: What are you college or career plans?

Lollman: I think I will be doing two years at Olympic College and then transferring to Oregon State University to study either biology or marine biology, to save money. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll continue throwing at the college level because I want to focus on my academics. Also, it might get really competitive in college and I don’t want to sink myself into a depressive mindset if I don’t match those around me or improve at a rate I like.

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