The spring/summer session racquetball ladder results are in and here’s how players ranked at Kitsap Tennis & Athletic Center.

The winter session began in September.

Singles—1, Rocco Vega. 2, Brad Burdyshaw. 3, Kral Kirchhofer. 4, Nilo DelaCruz. 5, James Zeitler. 6, Brock Moller. 7, Grace Hughes. 8, Yas Yoneda. 9, Rudy Romen. 10, Larry Tuke.

Doubles—1, Larry Tuke. 2, James Zeitler. 3, Ken Shelton. 4, Don Kielley. 5, Brian Miller. 6, Randy Tutterrow. 7, Tracey Sundquist. 8, Karl Kirchhofer. 9, Brad Burdyshaw. 10, Paul Stensen.

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