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North Mason won its first Olympic League game this month and Bulldogs coach James Getty likes the ferocity and competitiveness the team is bringing to the court this season.

North Mason beat Bremerton Dec. 13 to win its first OL game in more than four years.

In order to continue the success, the Bulldogs’ three keys to the season include gaining experience, building confidence and learning to work as a team.


North Mason Bulldogs

Coach: James Getty

Three Keys to the Season

1. Gain experience

2. Build confidence

3. Learn to work together

Returners: Hailey Simonson, sr., G, 5-3; Natalie Mathews, so., F, 5-8; Kirstin Griffey, so., G, 5-6; Natalie Carstensen, so., F, 5-10; Sophia Green, so., F, 5-10.

Up and comers: Amber Johnson, fr., G, 5-3;  Grace Abad, so., G, 5-5; Felicity Fowler, so., F, 5-6; Morgan Shumaker, fr., F, 5-10; Natalie Young, fr., F, 5-8; Alysa Wyble, fr., F, 5-3.

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